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Reduced Comission Rate Representation


The reduced commission rate is just as it sounds. The Agent will provide targeted agency representation at a reduced rate. The representation agreement is applied to all agreed-upon professional services through closing for one purchase contract.

The Agent will negotiate a reduced commission rate, depending upon the circumstances, including:

  • Distance from office
  • Condition of house and property
  • Perceived ease or difficulty of sale
  • Expected price of sale

Recommended Base Fee 1.5% of Sale Price

Base Seller Agent Responsibilities and Tasks

The following is the list of tasks to qualify as agency representation. This list, in combination with the Additional Support Services tasks, constitutes Full Agency Representation.

  • Instruct seller on the sale process.
  • Provide seller with a range of asking prices reflecting such variables as house condition and information.
  • Assist seller with completion of required property disclosures and related documents.
  • Enter the property information into the MLS system.
  • Place “For Sale” sign in yard.
  • Coordinate showings.
  • Respond to buyer agent inquiries.
  • Field offers, present to, and review with seller.
  • Serve as interface with buyer agent on all communications.
  • Coordinate flow of information from seller to all participants involved with closing the sale.


By choosing the Base Agency Representation option, the seller retains the capability to engage the agent in accomplishing additional tasks.

Company optional services are:

$100Make recommendations for property cleanup
or repair prior placing on the market.
$100Secure a professional photographer.
$100Acquisition of staging contractor.
$250 PER DAYOpen House
$250Assist seller with offer negotiations.
SOWBe present for home inspections.
$250Review and assist seller interpret inspection reports, including negotiating repairs and/or price reduction.
SOWAssist or participate in coordinating home repairs and provide contractor interface.
SOWSecure documents or approvals and attend meetings with seller or on their behalf.
SOWResolve seller-side issues necessary to close the sale.
$100Attend closing.
“SOW” is a Scope of Work task description and cost estimate. The task description and cost will be agreed upon in writing between seller and Firm prior to beginning.

Full Agency Representation with Optional Services

The commission rate for providing full agency representation depends upon the factors listed above and additional services selected by the seller. The commission rate is negotiated with the Company Affiliate.