Most owners consider the FSBO option. It can work if done properly.

This FSBO option is limited to selling on the local retail market and does not include a cash sale (investor). Owners who choose to sell without representation will be provided with basic resources.

Company Base Services

The following are Company’s responsibilities under the basic services provisions.

  • Provide Seller with all state-required disclosure forms, with instructions for completion.
  • Provide Seller with Property Description Forms.
  • Visit the property to meet with the Seller for a consultation and take photographs.
  • Provide Seller with a range of suggested prices for the subject Property.
  • Prepare a presentation piece for Seller approval.
  • Post the Seller-approved property presentation piece on Zillow.com under the company’s account.

Seller Obligations

The following are Seller’s responsibilities under the Company Base Services provisions. Note that this list is not inclusive of all the actions necessary to complete the sale, but only those which define the actions which the Seller is obligated to take to execute this agreement.

  • Register as a seller on the company website.
  • Accurately complete all required disclosures. (Online)
  • Accurately complete the company-provided property description forms. (Online)
  • Manage access to the property.
  • Interface with prospective buyers.
  • Receive and review offers to purchase and other related documentation, information, and proposed contracts received from prospective buyers.
  • Negotiate with prospective buyers.
  • For accepted offer, provide all requested information to buyer and their agent(s).
  • Provide copy of this Agreement and all receipts of payment for services under this Agreement to the closing coordinator, attorney, or title agent.

Base service fee

The Company will provide the services listed in Company Base Services for a fee of $500.

The Seller will provide a deposit of $250 at signing of this Agreement. The remaining $250 will be due upon posting the Property to Zillow. Notice of payment due will be provided to Seller. If payment is not received within 24 hours, the posting will be removed.

Optional Additional Services

At the Seller’s request, the Company will provide agency representation, including responding to buyer inquiries, coordinating and/or participating in buyer-contractor evaluations and participating in contract negotiations through closing.

Additional Support Services

$100.00Advise on preparation of disclosures and collection of property information.
See hourly & mileage ratesOnsite (at the Property) assistance with preparation of disclosures and collection of property information.
$250.00Property-specific evaluation of property for identification of suggested improvements and repairs for achieving target sale price.
Photographer Charge + 10%Secure professional photographer and incorporate professional photos into property presentation.
$250 per buyer offerReview and comment upon offer to purchase and related documents and buyer proposals.
$250 per buyer offerProvide guidance and participate in negotiations with buyer (e.g., price and repairs).
$250 + hourly & mileage ratesCoordinate independent contractor evaluation of buyer-proposed repairs and renovations for use in negotiating sale price.
See hourly mileage ratesManage access to the property if vacant.

For all activities which require hourly billing or mileage charges, a written scope of work and cost will be agreed upon prior to implementation.
For all additional services, payment is due when service is rendered.

Hourly billing and mileage rates:

Mileage$0.50/mileDistance computed to and from Affiliate office.
Time$100/hrBillable to the quarter hour
Travel Time$100/hrBillable to the quarter hour