The cash sale may be advantageous but must be understood and managed properly.

The cash sale of your home may be a viable option and it may yield an acceptable return relative to other sale options, in the context of it’s simplicity and efficiency.

Completing the cash sale of your home for as much money as possible, while meeting your other objectives, takes careful planning and implementation. Park Realty Services. has done the careful planning so that you can successfully and safely complete a cash sale, simply and efficiency. Principle differences between the cash home sale and other options are understanding the cash buyer market and how to properly market to and deal with cash buyers.

Cash buyers span the range from local rehabbers and wholesalers through corporate buyers (iBuyers). The guidance provided here applies dealing with any type of cash buyer.

Seller Responsibilities

The following are Seller’s responsibilities under the basic services provisions. Note that this list is not inclusive of all the actions necessary to complete the sale, but only those which define the actions which the Seller is obligated to take to execute this agreement.

  • Register as a seller on the company website.
  • Accurately complete all required disclosures. (Online)
  • Accurately complete the company-provided property description forms. (Online)
  • Seller assumes liability for all inaccuracies, errors, or misstatements made by them in the provision of property information and on any other statement, formal or informal, during the course of this Agreement.
  • Interface with prospective buyers.
  • Receive and review offers to purchase and other related documentation, information, and proposed contracts received from prospective buyers.
  • Coordinate prospective buyer access to the Property.
  • Negotiate with prospective buyers.
  • For accepted offer, provide all requested information to buyer and their agent(s).
  • Provide copy of this agreement to closing agent or attorney for payment to Company of remaining balance owed.

Company Minimum Services

The following are Company’s responsibilities under the basic services provisions.

  • Provide Seller with all state-required disclosure forms, with instructions for completion.
  • Provide Seller with Property Description Forms.
  • Visit the property to meet with the Seller for a consultation and take photographs.
  • Prepare a presentation piece for Seller approval.
  • Distribute the Seller-approved property presentation piece to cash buyers through the Company’s Cash Sale Marketplace.
  • Provide Seller with list of all cash buyers solicited.


$1,000.00Information collection, site visit, property photographs, preparation and dissemination of property sale brochure through the Cash Sale Marketplace.
$250.00Nonrefundable deposit due at signing this Agreement.
$750.00Due at closing.

Optional Additional Services

In addition to the Base service, the Company Affiliate can provide agency representation, including responding to and interfacing with buyers, participating in buyer-contractor evaluations, interfacing with seller’s attorney, and participating in contract negotiations through closing.

All additional services are conducted under an agreed-upon scope of work, which describes work to be performed, payment method and amount.

Seller and Affiliate can negotiate fees on an ala carte basis, for example:

Recommended fee
$100.00Assistance with preparation of disclosures.
per OTP
Reviewing Offer to Purchase (OTP) documents and buyer proposals.
per OTP
Providing guidance on negotiating (e.g., price and repairs)

For all flat fee services, payment is due when service is rendered.
Fees do not include time spent onsite.
Fees do not include travel time or mileage.

Billing and mileage rate are set by the Affiliate. Typical values are

Mileage$0.50/MILEDistance computed to and from Affiliate office.
Time$100/HRBillable to the quarter hour
Travel Time$100/HRBillable to the quarter hour